Ken Corr

Archives: April 2014

The Challenge of the First Years of Marriage

Everyone thought it was a match made in heaven.  The couple seemed to right for each other.  The marriage had started with so much promise, but now, less than two years later, they were seeing a marriage therapist. What went wrong? The scenario described above is not unique. Couples often experience difficulty in the first few years of marriage....more

Reasons To Try Marriage Therapy

Most married couples would benefit from marriage therapy if they would allow themselves the privilege.  For some, marriage therapy is perceived as something couples do only when the marriage is in trouble.  For others, marriage therapy is too expensive, both in time and money.  For others, marriage therapy is an embarrassment; an admission of failure.  “After all,” they say,...more

Preparing for Easter

What is the best way for Christians to prepare to celebrate Easter?  When I was a child, it was our family tradition to buy new clothes to wear for Easter.  I always enjoyed wearing something new on Easter Sunday, but that was the extent of our preparation for that special day. Our church did not emphasize the season of...more
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