Ken Corr

Archives: November 2014

Thanksgiving is not a Christian Holiday

Thanksgiving is not a Christian holiday. Well, let me clarify that. Thanksgiving is not a holy day, or festival, set aside in the Christian liturgical calendar. The act of giving thanks is very much a Christian response to life. The Psalmist said, “It is good to give thanks to the Lord” (Psalm 92:1a) and the apostle Paul reminded us,...more

12 Challenges to the Family

1.     Increased mobility has made family cohesion difficult and offers fewer family supports in times of transition and crisis. 2.     The definition of success in marriage has shifted to personal fulfillment and happiness leading to unreasonable expectations. 3.     Models of intimacy based on sexual gratification have changed the role of sex in marriage. 4.     Increased exposure to sexually explicit...more
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