Ken Corr

12 Challenges to the Family

1.     Increased mobility has made family cohesion difficult and offers fewer family supports in times of transition and crisis.

2.     The definition of success in marriage has shifted to personal fulfillment and happiness leading to unreasonable expectations.

3.     Models of intimacy based on sexual gratification have changed the role of sex in marriage.

4.     Increased exposure to sexually explicit messages has lowered the age of pubescence.

5.     Pornography is affordable, available, and anonymous causing attachment disorders in families.

6.     Social networking has created community options outside the family unit creating increased stress on the time that families have together.

7.     The loss of a clear moral authority, both public and private, has created moral confusion.

8.     Increased longevity places demands on families for caregiving.

9.     The threat of terrorism and natural disasters has created a chronic stress due to anxiety.

10. Increased economic demands on the middle class has changed the way people think about careers.

11. Educational and career options have increased for women causing traditional family roles and expectations to be unworkable.

12. The contemporary crisis in marriage satisfaction has challenged the ideal of a lifelong commitment, further marginalizing marriage.

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