Ken Corr

Inside the Christmas Stable

Here is the story of Christmas from inside the stable told by two cows:  Elmo and Gertrude.

“Elmo, look!  They are bringing a young woman here to our stable.  I believe she is about to give birth to a baby.  Elmo, are you listening to me?”

“Yes, Dear, I see them.  Gertrude, are you going to eat all that hay?”

“Eat?  I can’t eat now.  O dear, O dear, O dear, this is not a place for a baby to be born. Quickly, Elmo, move over so that they can get some clean hay.”

“But dear, I was about to eat that hay.”

“Elmo, how can you be thinking about eating at a time like this?  Now, quickly, move over.”

“Yes, Dear, I’m moving.”

“Elmo, when that baby is born, it will need some fresh milk.  I think I am up to another pint or so tonight.  How exciting this is?  Do you remember how excited we were when our precious calf was born last summer?”

“Yes, dear.”

“Who would have thought that there would be another birth in the stable so soon?  This is just the most glorious thing.”

“Gertrude, do you think they will be here all night?  I was hoping to get some sleep.”

“Elmo, what am I going to do with you?  O my goodness, here it is, a little boy.  But they don’t have a baby bed.  Elmo, kick the manger so that they can see where to lay him.  He is so precious!  Our stable is a nursery again.  And he is such a special child.”

“Gertrude, do you think that if he were such a special child, he would be born in a stable?  They have rooms in the Inn for special people.  No, Gertrude, he is probably just a poor shepherd boy.”

“Maybe so, Elmo, but I think he looks like a king.”

And all creation rejoiced!


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