Ken Corr

10 Strategies for Healthy Living

As 2015 begins, you are responsible for your own health and your own choices.  The question is, “What are some choices that can make this a healthier year?”  Listed below are 10 strategies for healthy living.  My recommendation is that you choose at least one strategy that you can commit to in 2015:

10 Strategies for Healthy Living

 1.     Cultivate a relationship of honesty with one other person of the same sex

2.     Attend and participate in weekly support meetings

3.     Learn a new skill, hobby, or interest

4.     Nurture mindfulness through daily meditation and journaling

5.     Commit to a regular form of service to others (volunteer)

6.     Teach or mentor someone in an area in which you have some skill

7.     Choose one area of your life for personal improvement

8.     Commit to physical health through diet and exercise

9.     Foster a connection with transcendence and spirituality

10.   Rehearse gratitude daily


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