Ken Corr

Meeting the Physical Needs in Our Community

Would you be surprised to know that one of the most effective pastoral care ministries in our church is staffed completely by volunteers?  Would you also be surprised to know that this ministry will spend over $100,000 this year and not one dollar of that amount is included in our budget?  Finally, would you be surprised to know that this ministry has been directly involved in assisting over 100 families this year alone?  The ministry that I am describing is our Benevolence ministry, staffed by a volunteer team of six individuals.  Through the first three quarters of this year, this team of dedicated volunteers has assisted 91 families and given out $99,244.00.  With the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays approaching, you can be sure that that number will significantly increase.  And yet, not a single dollar of this fund is taken from our budget.  It is completely funded through the freewill offering of our members.

The benevolence team receives requests for assistance with essentials like groceries, rent, and utilities.  Our team of volunteers assesses the needs to determine the ones that we can help.  They then work to help the individuals in need connect with the resources that are already available in the community.  Often times, they provide the financial resources that are needed.

As our church continues to grow with additional campuses and members, the benevolent needs will also continue to grow.  In the days ahead, we will be communicating more about the work of the benevolence ministry.  If you feel led to support this ministry with your financial giving, I can assure you that it will be used prayerfully and wisely to meet physical needs in our community.

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