Ken Corr

Celebrating All Saints Day

Today is All Saints Day, a day set aside in the Christian calendar to remember and to celebrate the lives of those who modeled faithful Christian living.  It is a day that challenges us to live the days of our lives as faithfully as we can, knowing that our days are limited.

My celebration of All Saints includes listing those who influenced me in positive ways: teachers, preachers, family members, and friends.   Each of these taught me, encouraged me, challenged me, and blessed me.  I have enjoyed remembering them and giving thanks to God for allowing our lives to intersect.

Obviously, I can’t remember and name everyone who has been an influence for good, but these have come to mind today:

Wiley Peebles

Rex Dickey

John Jeffers

Jim Aylward

Tommy Goff

Allie Daugherty

Paul Rabren

Thank you, God, for bringing these individuals into my life at just the right time.  They have shaped me both in ways that I know and that I don’t know.  May their memory be a blessing to many today.  May I live more faithfully as a result of this reminder.




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