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Life Giving Life Groups

Some years ago, I attended an annual C.O.R.E. conference (Clinical Overview of the Recovery Experience) and heard a researcher talk about the effectiveness of 12 Step programs in the recovery process.  He said that there were two factors that made this type of therapy successful:  community and spirituality.  When I heard his conclusion, I immediately thought, “Church.” I have worked with 12 Step groups and I know how powerful and life giving community can be.  I have also worked with Life Groups in churches and have seen how they can be life giving too, but often fall short.  It...more

Mental Illness and the Church

If you are having surgery, or suffering with chronic illness, or undergoing chemotherapy treatment, or have had a heart attack, the church can be a resource of support and help.  People rally around these individuals with prayer, food, cards, and visits.  But if you suffer from chronic mental illness, or have a family member who is struggling with addiction, or have a child with depression, the church has often been strangely silent.   And yet, these individuals and families need the same kind of support as any individual or family who struggles with illness.  What is the reason for the...more

Fighting Relationship Fatigue

We have just concluded our quarterly seminar for premarital counseling.  It is always fun to work with engaged couples and to see their enthusiasm for each other.  Young love is a cocktail rush of brain chemicals:  dopamine, norepinephrine, and oxytocin all get released and the result is a flood of loving feelings.  Unfortunately, some of these same couples who are so in love and enthused will be back in my office within three years needing marriage therapy.  What happens to that initial passionate love? In her book, Love Sense, Sue Johnson describes a reality that she calls, “Relationship Fatigue.” ...more

Nicknames and Identity Brands

Our pastor recently started a sermon series on the biblical character, Barnabas.  If you know the story of Barnabas, you know that his name was Joseph. Barnabas was a nickname, meaning, “Son of Encouragement.”   What a great nickname!  Every story that we ready about Barnabas is a story of encouragement.  He clearly embraced his identity as an encourager. All of us have a nickname and when we identify with it, it defines us. It may not be a nickname by which we are called, but it is an identity that informs how we think of ourselves. Instead of referring...more

Are You Tempted to Complain? Read This!

We recently had a chance to get away for a few days of vacation at the beach.  It could not have been more perfect:  the sand was soft, the sky was blue, the water was clear, the temperature was pleasant, the hotel was fun, and the food was delicious.  We felt very blessed to be able to get away and to be in a place that we love. We had not been there long before we met a couple who complained about their room.  The bed was not comfortable, the view from their balcony was not adequate, and they...more
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