Ken Corr

3 Challenges to Christian Marriage

The recent decision by the Supreme Court to overturn the 1996 Defense of Marriage Act and to recognize the legality of homosexual marriage has caused some to question whether this will be a significant challenge to Christian marriage.  It is an interesting question and one thing is for sure: the ruling has put the meaning of marriage in the news.  There are many reasons to be concerned about challenges to Christian marriage, but these concerns are seldom discussed in the political arena and almost never appear on nightly news.

Perhaps the most insidious challenge to Christian marriage is pornography.  Based on the frequency with which this is reported, it is at an epidemic level.  Pornography use can become an addiction and creates an attachment disorder that makes it difficult for an individual to relate intimately to a real person.

Another serious challenge to Christian marriage is the frequency that couples are choosing to live together before marriage.  What does it mean to have a sexual relationship without commitment?  I have yet to see any research that suggests that the choice to live together before marriage makes the marriage stronger.

Finally, a significant challenge to Christian marriage is adultery.  Adultery is a violation of trust and creates an emotional wound that is hard to heal.  It undermines the covenant of marriage and is a major reason for divorce.

Maybe the recent Supreme Court ruling will cause Christians to reflect on the many challenges to Christian marriage that are being lived out in the lives of our congregants every single day.

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