Ken Corr

The Meaning of Eastertide

Easter is my favorite day in the Christian year.  It is always a high and holy day filled with majestic music, crowded worship spaces, and the affirmation that Christ is risen.  But what happens after Easter?  If you were raised in a non-liturgical worship tradition, you may not know that Easter Sunday is the beginning of a season—the season of Eastertide.

Eastertide is the 50 days between Easter Sunday and Pentecost.  The early church recognized that one day is not enough time to celebrate the full significance of Easter.  So, the season of Eastertide is a time to reflect on what it means that Christ is risen.  What does it mean to live post-Easter in which we have the assurance that Christ is raised, death is conquered, sin is defeated, and life is eternal?  These are significant theological issues that deserve reflection.

During the Eastertide, the resurrection appearances of Jesus are remembered.  The post-resurrection experiences of the disciples are recounted.  The command to wait for the coming Holy Spirit gives some pause for us to examine how vibrant our spiritual lives are as a result of Easter.

Eastertide is a good time to remember that Easter is not simply a day to wear new clothes to church and hunt eggs.  It is a day that changes everything and we have a full season of 50 days to reflect and align our lives with this new reality.

Jesus is risen!   He is risen, indeed!

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