Ken Corr

Category: Marriage

12 Challenges to the Family

1.     Increased mobility has made family cohesion difficult and offers fewer family supports in times of transition and crisis. 2.     The definition of success in marriage has shifted to personal fulfillment and happiness leading to unreasonable expectations. 3.     Models of intimacy based on sexual gratification have changed the role of sex in marriage. 4.     Increased exposure to sexually explicit...more

Forgiveness is Harder Than You Think

In counseling, the client said that she thought she had forgiven him. She said that she had confessed her unforgiveness and sought God’s help, but the anger and resentment seemed to keep returning and she would try again to forgive. She said that she felt guilty for harboring these feelings and had finally decided that forgiveness was just not...more

3 Challenges to Christian Marriage

The recent decision by the Supreme Court to overturn the 1996 Defense of Marriage Act and to recognize the legality of homosexual marriage has caused some to question whether this will be a significant challenge to Christian marriage.  It is an interesting question and one thing is for sure: the ruling has put the meaning of marriage in the...more
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